Dietary Analysis Program

The Dietary Analysis Program, also known as DAP, is an effective hands-on interactive tool that teaches students nutrition through having them analyze their own diets. DAP is specifically used in higher education and used as a semester Dietary Analysis Project.

Eat → Track → Report → Analyze = Learn!

the complete dietary analysis application, for college & university level learning.

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Developed By Dietitians

  • University and Clinical Grade Software
  • Credible Nutrition Research
  • Food Database is Developed and/or Processed by Dietitians
  • Nutrition Analysis of Foods
  • Student Linking
  • PDF Reports
  • Web Based- Requires No Installation
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DAP is a powerful tool designed for instructors and their students to track diet and activities; generate dietary and activity reports; analyze nutrient consumption, food/nutrient composition, and physical activity expenditure; complete assignments based on nutrient analysis, and gain an overall better understanding of nutrition through relating it to their own lifestyle and personalized health goals.

The program structure is easy to navigate and designed to accommodate many different types of devices (phones, tablets, desktops etc.) and bowsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Fire Fox etc.). Tracking while on-the-go provides for accurate food and activity logs!

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Why do Instructor and Students love DAP?

About Dietary Analysis Program

DAP is completely science based, which means that our nutritional recommendations and goals are all based on scientifically-sound food and nutrition research and scholarly collaboration from our group of Registered Dietitians (RDNs) and exercise physiologists.

More About Dap

Credible Nutrition Information and Research

DAP began as a thesis project for a graduate program in the College of Health and Human Sciences at California State University-Long Beach (CSULB). On May 20, 2014 the thesis was reviewed by all department chairs and faculty and was awarded the “Department Outstanding Project for 2014”.

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Relevant Food Database

Our highly accurate food database was inspected and created by registered dietitians (RDs/RDNs). The database contains over 20,000 relevant foods and tracks 28 nutrients (macro- and micro-nutrients). It also provides nutrition labels for each food and meal combination inorder to generate the most comprehensive dietary reports in the industry.

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Calculate Calories Burned for 800+ Activities

Our exercise log can calculate calories burned for over 800 different activities. For increased accuracy, we developed an effort modifier for each activity to define intensity level. The activities range from traditional exercise (i.e. running, weight training, sports) to lifestyle/recreational activities (i.e. recreational sports,dancing, washing the car, walking) to non-traditional exercise or activities of daily living (i.e. cooking, sleeping, studying, standing).

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Designed to keep your students engaged!

DAP is designed for students to learn; not to be distracted by ads or over complicated data. The reports are elegantly pieced together and simple to comprehend. The program is a powerful tool that keeps your students engaged and wanting to learn! All nutrient recommendations are DRI goals based on the individual’s age, gender, height, weight, lifestyle, and goals. For example, a 55-year-old physically active female student will have unique recommendations when compared with those of a 24-year-old sedentary male.


Dietary Analysis Assignment and Project

We’ve created a comprehensive dietary analysis project that can be modified to your needs. We’ll help you modify the assignments within the project according to your class needs (optional).

The assignment stimulates critical thinking in order to extrapolate dietary data to result in students’ increased nutritional knowledge, thus, improved food choices mindful of future health.

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Technical Support and Assignment Assistance

We are dedicated to providing you and your students with excellent customer support. Our job is to handle all technical questions and errors a student may encounter with minimal downtime (within 24 hours). We provide free support, seven days a week, freeing the instructor from student emails regarding technical support issues.

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